Washroom management made easy

Transform your washroom management with customer-driven insights and more

RestEz Dashboard

Streamline your washroom management

Businesses of all sizes can add their washrooms to RestEz to help them stay on top of their washroom hygiene, gather customer feedback, and streamline their processes


Washroom Management

RestEz takes out the hassle of managing your customer facing washrooms

Clean, Safe, Accessible

The no-effort solution to letting your customers know that your washrooms are right for them

Information at a glance

Our robust dashboard keeps you on top of your washroom hygiene and alerts you to any issues

Create reports in under a minute

Quickly update your washroom statuses any time you inspect or clean them


Real-time customer facing reports

Every washroom in RestEz features a customer-oriented page, enabling discreet washroom checks and feedback submission

Scan & Check

QR codes give your customers discreet access to each washroom's customer-oriented page

Customer Feedback

Customers can anonymously share their washroom experiences, contributing to enhanced hygiene standards

Customer-verified statuses

Offer your customers full transparency with status report accuracy ratings

Pricing Tiers

We provide a free trial along with three flexible pricing options which are designed to adapt and grow with your business

During the beta phase of RestEz the FREE TRIAL has had all limits lifted

Bill MonthlyBill Annually

RestEz Trial

Take some time to get familiar with RestEz and its features

  • One Building
  • One Washroom
$5 CAD
per month

Small Business

Suitable for small coffee shops and restaurants

  • One Building
  • Two Washrooms
Coming Soon
$15 CAD
per month

Medium Business

Suitable for large restaurants, offices, and more

  • Three Buildings
  • Ten Washrooms
Coming Soon
$25 CAD
per month

Large Business

Suitable for large franchises, retail chains, and more

  • Unlimited Buildings
  • Unlimited Washrooms
Coming Soon

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Managing your washrooms doesn't have to be difficult
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